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At its core, the carpet cleaning service constitutes a deep cleaning with either hot water extraction washing machine or dry cleaning with foam. If your worn-out, stained carpets need a refreshment immediately, or you just need to remove a bad odour/stain and extract all dust out of the carpeting, then The Carpet Guy is an ideal company for the job.

Since most carpets tend to catch a lot of dust, dust mites and germs, they may affect your health, causing respiratory problems. The softest ones, with longer fibres and made of synthetic materials, are more prone to catch dust, compared to the ones made of organic materials.

We are your next Cleaners know how to treat both types of carpets.

Steam Cleaning Procedure for Synthetic and Wool Carpets

Wool and synthetic carpeting and rugs are washed by the hot water extraction method, which means:

  • Our technician will arrive carrying the needed equipment and detergents with him
  • Testing of the carpet in order to determine the exact type of material it is made of
  • Pre-treatment of solid stains and high traffic areas. We move movable furniture to reach all areas of the carpet
  • Determining the PH level of the material to avoid damages
  • Applying the hot water extraction method on the carpets. The process includes:
    • Injection of hot water under high pressure deep into the carpet fibres
    • Immediate vacuuming of the treated area
    • Extraction of 95% of the moisture, along with all dirt and dust particles
  • Our cleaner will provide a pair of overshoes for the household members to wear until the carpet dries
  • Drying time is around 3 hrs. Carpet dries faster if all windows are opened, cross ventilation works best!

Dry Cleaning Procedure for Delicate Fabrics

The dry cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics, which are not water resistant and tend to shrink. It is also appropriate for sisal and seagrass carpets. The technique represents the following:

  • Vacuuming of the carpet
  • Inspect the carpet to determine the type of material it is made of
  • Pre-treatment of all stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches
  • Distribution of a special absorbing powder on the carpet surface
  • Scrubbing the powder into the carpet. The powder has the ability to attract grime, dust and dirt to itself.
  • The powder is then vacuumed off, leaving the fabric clean and ready for use.

Post-Cleaning Maintenance Tips

If you are a smoker, have a child or own a pet, The Carpet Guy recommends a carpet cleaning to be performed every six months. Even if it looks clean, remember that there are invisible microorganisms which are deep into your carpet.

If none of the conditions listed above is present, then have the carpets cleaned annually. It is recommended that you combine this service with a  washing of all upholstered furniture, to achieve even better results.

Learn more about why regular professional cleaning is necessary on the Carpet Cleaners Association web page.