Self Storage Systems

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Self Storage

We have a national list of clients who offer self-storage facilities. These are generally local to large towns in excess of 50,000 people. Contact us for more.

The self storage premises have in general opening times from 8am to 8pm and weekends although some companies may offer alternative times. Always check.

Many of the facilities are located on industrial estates so as well as the facility security you also have the estate security as well.

Self-storage areas or “bins” as they may be called are generally different sizes depending on how much space you need (normally estimated in “square feet” or “square metres” we can help you with the estimate).

Some facilities have bins that are totally sealed i.e. you cannot see into them. Others are partially sealed which means secure but, you can see the contents. These are rentable for almost any time period ranging from a week to more than a year at a time. You provide your own lock.

GC Storage Solutions offers storage systems for people living near the Gold Coast. For more information, visit their website.

Self-storage has become quite popular in the last ten years with people adopting a more “minimal” approach to home decoration and the current popular trend for “dressing” a house before sale i.e. temporarily removing unwanted personal clutter.

Storage for furniture

For an alternative, choose other storage systems.

Often our service is used to transport goods from your home to a self-storage facility.

Other popular reasons for this that we have found are:

1) “Downsizing” i.e. older people whose children have left the family home wish to move to smaller more manageable property but, do not wish to sell the excess decorative goods. Very often we transport one of two of the larger pieces of furniture which have almost an antique status but, cannot be easily relocated into another house.

2) “Property chain”. We all understand that when a series of contracts are being exchanged, there’s always one member of the chain that has to move before he would ideally like to. One of our services is to provide you with secure warehouse space for your goods in transit but, experience has shown us that people like to be safe in the knowledge that some of their more important goods are under their own lock and key at the customers own discretion. You are the customer and we fit in with your requirements.


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