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Licensed Rubbish Clearance

South London Property Clearance are based in London and are a waste clearance and waste management company. They have established our reputation by offering unrivalled levels of service combined with excellent value for money. Click here.

The company is registered with The Environment Agency and is fully licensed and insured to undertake the waste collection and waste disposal that meets your requirements.

Their trained rubbish removal team will come to your premises / house, garden, flat, office, restaurant, hotel, bar/ and will remove any unwanted rubbish or waste – from an office desk to a home renovation builders rubbish. Discover what can be recycled here.

All of the rubbish is taken to transfer station where it is reused or recycled whenever possible. We do dispose the rubbish in an environmentally friendly way.

We Offer The Best Alternative In London

At Pecks, we pride ourselves on offering a quality service from the time that we arrive at your premises until we get you and your property to the final destination. Contact us for more information.

This can be completed right after our removals service where we take it to a storage facility.

Packaging materials are provided based on your requirements. We can provide bubble wrap for fragile goods, paper for general wrapping and blankets and sheets for furniture separation. We can also provide sealing tape and labels for easy identification of your packaged items.

Your goods are loaded in accordance with how you want them unloaded whether to your new home or to a storage facility. Find your nearest storage facility.

We work with customers who expect goods to be delivered to specific rooms in a specific order and not everything just piled in the middle of the living room floor.

It’s what we call ergonomic loading and unloading i.e. making the most use of your time with the least effort.